Civilization of the ancient Egyptians or Pharaonic civilization is a civilization which in the north-east Africa, concentrated along the banks of the River Nile in Egypt is currently the State site. Ancient Egyptian civilization arose around 3150 BC.

Associated with the success of ancient Egyptian civilization in part the ability of the ancient Egyptians to adapt to the Nile River, floods Fastglua and used to irrigate this fertile valley for the production of agricultural crops in abundance, which led to the growth of communities on the banks of the Nile. Care of the ancient Egyptians also extracted the mineral wealth of the valley and surrounding desert areas, and placed in the early independent system of writing to organize their agricultural and building their business with their surroundings, and established armies to protect them from their enemies and confirm the domination of Egypt. He was the organization and management of those activities a layer of bureaucratic elite scribes, religious leaders and administrators under the control of Pharaoh to ensure the spirit of cooperation and unity among the members of the Egyptian people.
Included the achievements of the ancient Egyptians for their development of new technologies in space and construction, which facilitated them to build a huge Kalohramat buildings, temples and obelisks; Anchaihm and new systems in the account, medicine, and irrigation, in addition to techniques for agricultural production. Also attributed to them building the oldest ships known, and techniques for producing faience Egyptian glass, and the invention of new colors from the literature, and held its first peace treaty known. also left the Egyptian civilization legacy of great art and architecture is still of interest to many people around the world through the ages to now, which led to the emergence of a special science deals with the scientific discoveries related to the ancient Egyptian civilization, which is known as the knowledge of Egyptology

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